Seven years ago, between Anatomy classes, I picked up needles and yarn. I still haven't put them down.

I knit, spin, and work as a doula out of two corners of my bedroom/studio/office in Central North Carolina.

My life is made up of two parts: one part art to one part science. Both have been my passions from a very early age. Even at five, I knew I would be a singer and a doctor. Now at twenty-five, I am a knitwear designer and doula, working both sides of this noisy brain of mine every day.

I come from a family of musician/doctors on one side and skilled artisans on the other: my choices couldn't have been more set in stone.

I am a curious soul and self-taught designer. I love to experiment and just see how things go. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. It's all the same fun to me!

To find out more about me and get updates with what's going on in the shop (and see the experiments that don't make it in), go to http://genniandgina.blogspot.com

Thanks for visiting. See you soon!