Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Enough - Better Than No(ugh)t

I got home from work and was feeling like making a large pearl necklace. I sat on my bed with a whole bunch of beaded stitch markers (knitting notions much like small keychains) that I had spent hours and hours of my life making several months ago. They were meant to sell but I didn't try because they weren't pretty enough.

In any case, I needed something to listen to in the meantime so I went over to my handy TED podcast where I came upon Jessi Arrington's speech on wearing only second hand clothes. She was supercute and showed her blog so I went there too. After reading a couple of posts I saw this one .

Moving directly to the point:

I've been putting off starting this blog for an embarrassingly long time because I wanted it to be perfect. It had to look perfect and only have the right things in it. All that hemming and hawing has (often) left me with nothing to show for my plans. That post motivated me to finally take the first step.

This blog is not today what I hope it will be (or even what I want it to be). But it's better than it was yesterday and it'll be better tomorrow than it is today.

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