Friday, July 8, 2011

First Things First

About Me:

The name of the company, Genni & Gina, comes from mishearing the names of my sister and me, Danni and Deidre.

As for me and my knitting, I have always crafted. Although my grandmother is a career seamstress, my mother never learned a handcraft. As a way to keep my active sister and me busy when we were younger, my mother gave us cross-stitch, latch hook, embroidery, almost anything to keep our hands occupied. I continued playing with crafts, including card-making and scrapbooking throughout middle and high school.

My senior year of high school, I saw some of my friends knitting in the hall lounge and asked them to teach me. I was immediately taken by how simple it was to turn yarn into fabric. I was, for the first time, really able to sit in one place for hours. I started experimenting right away and was absolutely in love when i found a book of patterns with garments I actually wanted to wear.

I started getting requests for some of the items I was making during college and realized I wanted to start a business.

For Genni & Gina, my mission is to create good quality, fashionable handmade knits for all seasons, and all ages. Unique 'boutique-style' items that you can actually wear out. The items are both hand and machine knit.

In this blog, I'll be telling you about my process and materials, and introducing new items in more depth, as well as offering suggestions on how to style them.

I hope you enjoy. Please leave any comments or suggestions and let me know what you think!

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