Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inspiration: Cable Lace Altuzarra

This is old, but it'll be a little bit of a challenge to dissect. I could wear a silk skirt with a hip-high slit nowhere and I have no desire to wear fuzzy bedroom sandals. They're much too boudoir for me, like I should be wearing a silk dressing robe and pearls. I would wear this sort of sweater with some cuffed boyfriend jeans and a leather stiletto sandal.

So, here we go. Crew neck, about 1 inch of positive ease (a little more from the waist to hips), a very gentle slope raglan armhole and combo cables and lace. This is so complex and it's really difficult to see the details in this sweater. There are about 3.5-4.5 inches of ribbing at the waist and wrist cuffs and an inch or so around the boat neck. The cables on the body are edged with what look like yarn overs. I'm going to go ahead and assume that the cables are on a mostly purl background. You could make them look like they're moving from the center by shifting a purl bump from one side of the cable to the other. Then there is maybe some drop stitching and yarn overs on a stockinette background. 

The cables on the sleeves wrap nearly all the way around, which I love. You can do a simpler design of the sleeve by just crossing several diamond cables over each other around the entire sleeve. 

The color and texture of the sweater from the picture make me really think of a Bison fingering/sport weight. You could get the softest, most subtle halo that would make the crazy cabling look so effortless.

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