Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspiration: Long Cardigan

I love the idea of this cardigan. It's long and has a soft halo. The unfinished edges make the button bands and pocket tops roll in, which gives it a bit of a relaxed (read: messy) feel. Now, I say button bands because I'd prefer buttons as an option on a sweater like this, but it doesn't look like there are actually any on this sweater. I like the idea of the sweater though, with nicer finishing. Coupled with light fabrics and prints underneath, this is a really cute early fall outfit.

Simple boyfriend-style cardigan, deep v-neck shaping, raglan sleeves, low pockets, an inch or two of of positive ease. This could (and seems to) be done in one piece in the round, either top-down, putting the sleeve caps on holders before starting the body, or bottom-up, separating for the sleeve holes and finishing the front and back separately. Steek up the front center and add on a simple folded hem button band. There wouldn't be much aesthetic difference if it was knit in one piece flat with the sleeves joined afterwards. Pick up stitches on each front for simple flap pockets.

The soft halo is really nice and could be reproduced with an alpaca or a mohair blend, or if you want to get really extravagant, put some angora (rabbit, not goat) fiber in. I have a gorgeous yarn that's an angora blend. I think it's Classic Elite Fresco which is a 60% wool, 30% alpaca, 10% angora sport-weight with a gorgeous, subtle halo. It's spun a bit more tightly than the yarn used in the photo, but it would give a similar halo effect.

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