Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Progress Report: Striped Leggings Part Deux

Or more accurately, lack of progress report.

I suppose that's not entirely fair. I did several important things:

1) I knit a swatch.

2) I took my leg measurements and created the schema.

I didn't have enough of any one color of yarn to create a solid color legging, so I decided to use several balls of what I have available to create stripes. Actually, I really wanted to do something like tribal stripes, but I want a finished product this year, so I'm going with the stripes.

Most of last week was spent deciding if I would have the legs be identical or not. I only have one ball of most colors so the only way to get really identical legs would be to split the balls exactly in half. The best way to do that is with a small kitchen scale, which I didn't have and wasn't sure I wanted to purchase.

3) Ultimately, I decided to buy the scale.

I know. Exciting decrescendo. I will be knitting today.

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